Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The NEW Yoga

I have been messing with Yoga and Instagram. I am not sure why Instagram is the thing that has changed how we do yoga...but it is! I think more so than FB. I have done a few Instagram Yoga challenges and they are....sooooo much fun. OK so of course I went through my "is this really yoga?" thing. Is it? I think in its traditional sense its not. BUT yoga is so different now. Its so different from what it originally was and what yoga also teaches us is that life changes....the world changes, we go back to our roots of discipline but we also go with the flow of the world.

There is a ton of yoga selfies that look like photoshoots. They're in bikini's and doing tricks or wearing really cool leggings and twisting their bodies while balancing on one hand. BUT the way we take photos, wear clothes, share ourselves to the internet and practice yoga...is all different.

I love social media. It helps me connect with my family and friends who live in CA or in Asia. I love yoga in Instagram! I have developed a practice that I share with my friends who I don't normally get to practice with. I also have tried new variations of poses and worked on poses I rarely get to work on. I guess it's easy to judge and say what is out there is "not yoga" I thought it too. But I can't deny how its changed my practice for the positive.