Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thinking of doing a Teacher Training? 200hrs in Bushwick!

Though I began practicing Yoga many years ago...I was never really a big "Yogi". I like Yoga for exercise and then saw the benefits of getting out of my head and relaxing. Then I began my love hate relationship with Yoga. I know, what's there to hate? I ended up in classes with a string of not so great teachers...and then also teachers I didn't mesh well with. At a certain point it became increasingly difficult to find a good consistent practice. Then my friend got really into Yoga and became a teacher. She really changed my view on things a lot...she still does! She helped me into my first headstand, she taught me to remember all the benefits of Yoga and why I even started practicing. I saw the many positive things it did for her and it pushed me to do a teacher training. Now, I didn't think I'd become a teacher really. I decided to do it in order to deepen my practice and to kind of decide if I could see the good in the Yoga or if I'd still write the whole idea off as culty BS. Yes I still think there is a lot of culty BS but there is a lot of good Yoga stuff out there!

In conclusion, if you're thinking about doing a teacher training to become a teacher, do it! If you really want to deepen your practice or get a better understanding of Yoga and how it can work for you...consider a training! Jai Yoga Arts is having an info session on their 200 hr trainings that are coming up!

Monday, January 30, 2012

DAYA -Ridgewood Queens...Gentle Yoga tonight!

I will be teaching this week at DAYA YOGA, formally called IWONA YOGA. A cute studio in Ridgewood Queens...

Monday 8pm Gentle Yoga
Wednesday 10am Vinyasa Flow

475 Onderdonk Ave/Harman
Ridgewood, NY 11385

L train to Dekalb Ave
M train to Seneca Ave

Your first class is only $10!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Cupping is a super cool thing. Its great for stagnating, chronic back pain. The down side is...it makes your back look like you've just battled an octopus.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Dragons!

Monday was the first day of the Year of the Water Dragon! Happy Lunar New Year all! I hope everyone got to eat noodles and pay off their debts! One of the most useful practices of Chinese New Year for me is letting go of grudges. I hold them pretty easily despite my Yoga practice, but for some reason, possibly just out of routine/ritual I can easily let things go at the start of CNY. Maybe its because of many years of thinking something bad will happen and all of the superstition but during this time I don't really get reflective. I get to a place where I just automatically let go and start to move on. Something that I've been emphasizing in my Yoga classes that I thought I'd pass on!

In other news...Pacific College is having an awesome Chinese New Year Celebration this Sunday. It includes forecasts for the Dragon Year, Qi Gong class, acupuncture and food! This is a free event! You can also get some info about the school! RSVP HERE.

Sail away...

My cute friends who are getting married...2 times in 2 different countries. :)
No, you're not invited...just posting some of my design work.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why you should bring Yoga into your office!

I have been out of the 9-5 world for years now...nowadays its become more of an 8:30-6 or 7 kind of culture, no? What I know, since I've left that is my stress levels in my body have greatly decreased! I don't have people breathing down my back, I don't have to get on crowded subways, I don't have to work at my desk because its so busy, I don't have to...etc etc the list goes on. I also don't make as much $ and have to pay for my own health insurance which it's not even good health insurance! Anyways my main point here is the stress level! It's amazing that the amount of stress I deal with is just so much less. I will say mostly because of the subway ride itself. Sometimes I remember, just getting to work on the Subway made my day crappy to begin with. Smashed into a small dirty car underground and squished up against people I don't know? UGHHH. Ok this is the stuff I was talking about when it comes to prana and controlling your energy. Because its easily effected first thing in the morning! All we need is for one bad attitude on a subway car or rushing down a platform to create a chain of bad moods to bring into their offices! Our energy leaks out and infects other people. So make it light instead of negative!

This brings me to another point. I teach Yoga in offices. It's absolutely awesome for the people I teach. Their boss, manager or company sets it up for them and I honestly believe it makes for better employee relationships. Here is a list of great things it does:
1- the employees like their boss a better for shelling out and setting up something nice for them.
2- it helps people have better relationships with their co-workers because now they're all doing something together that's not "work".
3- they get a moment in their workspace that is not stressful. This helps them equate something pleasant with their work environment.
4- if they've had a stressful or bad day, they get the chance to leave feeling good despite the events of the day.
5- physical exercise after a day of hunching over your computers, running around helping customers, or whatever type of work you do all day!
6- the breath work alone can slow down your system that's been amped from stress and coffee.
7- It gives everyone a little more energy! This is especially great for a mid day session.
8- Those who have never tried yoga and might not be so inclined to walk into a studio are now introduced to a new hobby. If you're a beginner, its a great way to get started. You're not paying for the class and there's no excuses, its right there in your office!
9- Having something given to you by your job/company really makes your attitude towards work more respectful, especially if its something like Yoga which has so many great returns
10- an office that breathes together works smoothly together.

So get some Yoga into your office! I see the benefits with the people I teach so instantly! Talk to your boss, manager, HR person! I can come to your office/shop/showroom/etc...everyone brings their own mats and I can usually provide 2-3 extras. We can vinyasa in your showrooms, conference rooms or a retail space! Some of the classes I teach are Vinyasa style, some are focused more focused on breath work, light stretching and meditation. Get some Yoga in your life!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Energy control and energy depletion.

Something I learned in relationships is that I HATE when I realize that I've started basing my actions and plans around another person. I hate when I allow someone else to dictate how I would act and especially if it changes from how I would normally act. I hate when someone else's actions or attitude can stir anger, anxiety and frustration with in me. And then it snowballs...I am angry because I'm angry and then I'm angry because I realize that I've lost control and I am allowing someone else to make me angry! Its the worst. This is how we sometimes allow our breath to be in control of us. Or other people's energy to dictate us. P.S. We have free will!

Breath can be conscious...so make it. Just like energy can be. If I choose not to engage with the anger and walk away instead of wasting my energy on a small disagreement I can use that energy better on things for myself...yoga, school, going out and having a nice time with friends. Instead of allowing this unreasonable anger to ruin my day. Today, most of the time...when I'm doing good...I can do this. I can walk away and choose my battles. Decide when its not worth it to engage and to not allow negative energy to take control of me. But its still a struggle. Practice, mess up, fail, do it again, make another mistake and practice again.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop!

At Jai Yoga Arts

Sunday, Jan 22nd

Come learn hands on techniques. Get worked on and walk out with a new skill!

Sign up here!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brrrrr...the cold

Its so bitter cold today. It reminded me of the trip to Ananda Ashram my friend and I took after Christmas. What a great break from the city it was. We had such a lovely time and tried to do yoga in all our layers of winter clothes!

The universe speaks to me through my tea

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light" -Yogi Tea

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sound/Music/Meditation/Lil bit of Yoga

This Sunday, Jan 15th
3-5pm, At Jai Yoga Arts in Bushwick

Join Grammy-winning 13 HANDS, aka Dalien, for a fun and empowering journey through various yoga asana and chakra alignment philosophy that will culminate in one of the most blissful and relaxing 30 minute savasanas ever.
With the use of gong, Hang drum, Native Flutes, percussion, crystal bowl, chimes, guitar and chant, Dalien will weave a healing soundtrack that will support your breathing as you rest and open to a deep state of relaxation, peace and inner awareness. Sign up and more info here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathe your body with the universe. Or just breath deep and feel good.

"By learning to appreciate breath, we learn to appreciate life itself. The gift of breath is the gift of life. When we receive a gift, we feel gratitude. Through pranayama we learn gratitude for life and gratitude toward the unknown divine source of life." -Iyengar Light on Life

Prana is energy/life force. Pranayama is all about cultivating that energy in you. We often connect that to the breath. Our breath is what makes us alive. It circulates everything within our body. Our energy, blood, body fluids and oxygen. It moves everything around to keep us alive and it gives us the simple rhythm of life within us. It is unconscious and intelligent. But we can make breathing a conscious act. Like when we just simply breath deeply and elongate our exhales. Or when we do our Ujaii breath. This is how we begin to practice pranayama.

Think about your yoga practice and how you move through each pose with your Ujayii breath. When you inhale your right foot forward between the hands, how the breath helps you move. Every movement becomes conscious and deliberate. It becomes meditative. Think about what your breath is like when faced with frustration or anxiety. Its tense and short.

Now take a deep breath in drawing it down your back and deep into the kidneys. And take a long, slow exhale returning the breathe back to the universe. Inhale again, fill yourself up with the energy around us. Hold it here at the top of your head and allow it to bathe your insides for a moment. Count to 5.Exhale give it back and empty out. Hold here again for 5 and feel the neutrality and stillness in your body. And inhale deep again receiving the gift of life...exhale let it go.

Now think about how only a few cycles of deep breathing can make you feel. Slowing everything down. Calming your spirit, slowing the heart..feeling all the cells in your body oxygenated and activated. Everything is calm yet aware. Think about what this could do for your body if every breath was deep and long verses what those anxious tense short breaths do. This is just one of the many tools our Yoga practice gives us to use in life. When faced with frustration...we can simply breath. It may not solve the problem...but it will make things easier to sit with. And that is the purpose of "practice".

Breath and feel good!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How do we practice Pranayama?

Breath work is such an essential part of our Yoga practice. Although pranayama itself isn't as simple as breathing or doing deep breathing exercises, these are both a great start to having a pranayama practice. The practice of pranayama to me is the practice of using the breathe to heal your insides. People often use deep breathing to calm themselves. It heals your emotional insides...breathe is what makes us alive and in breathing...we are keeping our physical body alive and working. Breathing helps us to flow through movements in our asana practice.

Sunday, January 1, 2012