Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why meditation is hard

Why meditation is hard
1. It is difficult to be comfortable with yourself.
2. Now that you've tuned out everything around you...all the things going on inside are heightened.
3. You can't find a comfortable way to sit.
4. Something happened to you today that you cannot let go of.
5. Something happened to you 10 years ago that you cannot let go of. 
6. You feel sick today.
7. You broke up with your partner today.
8. You ate too much.
9. There are too many voices in your head.
10. A quiet place is not accessible to you.

This list can go on. You can change the title of this list to: "Excuses for not meditating" OR "Reasons why you SHOULD meditate". The point is that meditation is not going to just happen. OR maybe it can? Well meditation is a lifetime practice. You may have been meditating consistently for 10 years and today you just can't get into it for whatever reason. It happens. Or maybe its your first time meditating and you have no expectations or judgments about it so you are able to just sit and drop in. Maybe you have meditated 3 times randomly in different settings but have never tried it on your own. Whatever your relationship is with meditation, it will always be difficult because you have your whole life to work on it. It will be different every time and you can try all different methods. The goal is to practice it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Heart and mind

Anahata -unstruck sound. It is the spiritual center of the Heart.
It is in our Heart Chakra when we begin to feel and tune into the vibration of life. This is where we feel our heart beat, where we feel emotions and where we perceive. We also begin to feel higher realms of consciousness here, aside from our egos. The heart is affected by all emotions and senses -physical and emotional. The more balanced your heart is, the better your perception. It is where you can transcend your material self. Where you can balance what is internal and external, physical and transient. Ignorance and illusion often entangle our emotions. We often allow our feelings to control our lives and  relationships. We allow our emotions to define our identity. This causes a blockage in our heart chakra. Its so important not to be blocked here because then your energy cannot go up to the places of higher consciousness. When we hold too tightly, are too over protective, we cave in and suffocate the Heart. This can affect our breathing, our communication and our thinking minds.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meditation for pain

In yoga we're always talking about how we have to let go of attachments when we're meditating. But what if pain is the distraction?

As hard as that sounds...we have to let go of that too.

Picture this...maybe you're experiencing physical pain. And day to day in are always thinking about your knee and how it hurts...maybe you've already been told you have to get surgery, maybe you are not sure but you're kind of freaked out that maybe its that bad. The more you're thinking about it, the more it might be hurting. In meditation...maybe you can sit comfortably in a chair so that you're knee doesn't hurt. Prop yourself up in the most comfortable position and instead of being the guy with the knee pain, for the next 15 minutes, you can just take a break from that. Take a break from wondering what happened to your knee, or wishing you hadn't played basketball so much without resting, or wishing you hadn't been so careless that day you climbed a ladder to fix the curtain rod.

And then there's emotional pain...maybe people have really hurt you, things have gone really bad no matter how nice, caring and giving of a person you have been. Sometimes you don't think about the past, but sometimes it creeps up on you and there it is....that hopeless pain in your chest that is keeping you from moving on, keeping you from having good relationships or keeping you from focusing on your job. You're attached to your pain. Easier said then done to let it one knows what is about but you. But...imagine that for the next 15 minutes in get to have a break from it. The more you give yourself time away from the pain, it just might get easier for you to begin a healing process from it, if you haven't already.

We all have different kinds of pain, and the most painful part of it is that no one can understand your pain that is unique to you and what happened to you...holding on to your pain sets us off of our balance. It prevents us from opening up our hearts, our minds and causes blockages in our Chakras.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free acupuncture!

Save the Dates!
8 Free Acupuncture Clinics

PCOM invites you to our Free Winter Community Acupuncture Clinics. These free clinics are open to everyone so please invite your friends and family. See dates and times below:

Ear Acupuncture for the Whole Body:

Feb 19th: 1:30p.m - 3:45p.m
Feb 19th: 6:30p.m - 8:45p.m

Feb 26th: 1:30p.m - 3:45p.m
Feb 26th: 6:30p.m - 8:45p.m

Ear and Body Acupuncture:

Mar 26th: 1:30p.m - 3:45p.m
Mar 26th: 6:30p.m - 8:45p.m

Apr 2nd: 1:30p.m - 3:45p.m
Apr 2nd: 6:30p.m - 8:45p.m

915 Broadway between 20th St and 21st St. 5th Floor
To R.S.V.P call 212-982-3456

Friday, February 8, 2013

Today my phone broke

It was a pretty old phone that was in crappy condition. But here's the thing. I am totally reliant on the internet to be in contact with people now. Once upon a time I was glued in front of the computer anyways, for the better part of the day for work and I realize now I have not signed onto AIM/Ichat until today...for a good 2 years almost! WEIRD. I am also constantly checking my inbox waiting for people to reply to me like a mad person! So what's the reality? Am I the ignorer or the ignored? I guess I will never know how many unanswered text messages and/or calls are on my broken phone. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013