Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Expanding your consciousness

Going inward and getting in touch and in balance with ourselves is a common meditation practice. Expanding your consciousness is the next step. Notice your relationships with your surroundings. Can you harmonize your energy to expand into the room you're meditating in? And then expand out to the neighborhood, city, state and country? Can you expand your consciousness to encompass the entire Earth? Can you expand to the galaxy and out to the universe? This is not an easy practice so don't feel discouraged if it causes anxiety for you, even. Can you get your energy still and steady so that it does not cause you anxiety? It's difficult to encompass more than you, but being able to connect to nature can create better healing and balancing in your body.

Imagine a magnetic field that is just 3 inches around your body. Feel the white light that surrounds you and expand it out to the sides of the room. Feel how your body is held in this space and the surface that hold the space in. Feel your seat on the ground and feel your crown being held up. Feel expansion.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Nothing beats seeing the progress in your Yoga practice. Sometimes you hate your yoga, until its over and THEN you feel great. Or you don't feel like you're progressing fast enough, you still can't touch your toes, "everyone else" can do jump forwards or your scorpion is still 5 years in the making. All of these things come with time. Although its great for us to set goals that we want to reach its also important to remember that yoga is not based on a reward system. The practice itself is the purpose and if you will, the reward. Being consistent in the practice and being present with it is when we can really start to reap the benefits of Yoga. We can't win at Yoga but we can allow it to let us feel awesome.