Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Yoga..hoppy Easter!

I don't know who's original art this is, but its GREAT! Love it!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What is Reiki?

I just got Reiki III certified!

Reiki is the laying on of hands for energy healing. 

If you'd like to try some good Reiki juju come to Jai Yoga Arts!

Community Reiki event
This workshop is for both Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners!

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or off balance? Come experience Reiki healing sessions with certified practitioners. Enjoy a relaxing,
balancing, and rejuvenating technique in a warm and supportive environment.

Are you a Reiki practitioner? This series at Jai allows you to develop your skill and strengthen your confidence and connection to universal life force energy.

Saturday April 6th, 13th, and 20th from 2-4pm
$40 for whole series
$35 early bird pay by March 30th
$15 drop-in session

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spirit and Emotion

Today someone asked me..."how do you feel emotionally?" I felt pretty good. But then they asked "how do you feel spiritually?" Initially I wanted to put the two together but I realized....spiritually I felt off and disconnected. Mostly bc I slept weird and my neck and back was bothering me. I felt my back and spine were greatly out of alignment which made me feel like I was not in alignment with myself and had a harder time connecting with what was around me because I was kind of in pain. Though I am still feeling this I do have to say I got a 5-10 min massage and my neck sort of went back into its proper place and although I'm still really improved my whole day by tenfold! The moral of the story is, when your stuff is not lined up properly, your spirit can suffer. Get a damn massage, yo! I am doing that STAT!

Yoga pants.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do we really have to keep talking about how good meditation is for you?!

Read this!

Connecting line.

I taught a 7 minute meditation today in a BNI group. BNI groups are professionals who come together for the purpose of networking and referrals. I love this idea! In NYC we are always on top of each other and trying not to connect with each other. We are trying to disconnect! I rarely chat on the phone anymore with facebook and texting its just no longer convenient and I think we are all losing are ability to connect! Social networking is always the answer because its easy and accessible. I use it myself, however it doesn't always leave the same type of lasting impression as a hand shake and an in-person conversation. BNI groups are a place or forum for whatever it is you do and a community of people who help you grow it. The members are pro-active in referring each other and its a win-win situation. I attended the group today as a guest and was glad that I was so warmly received that I was asked to teach a small group a short piece. Even in 7 minutes I felt the improvement in their clarity and breathing. These are the changes I love about teaching Yoga! The energy of a group of people building and growing a community in order to grow each other started my day off right. Thanks BNI!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attaching to my attachments.

I don't know why I find comfort in "stuff". For a long time having more stuff somehow made me believe I'd be comfortable. Now that I've lived in the same apartment for 13+ years I am truly overwhelmed by my accumulation of "stuff"...and it is totally the opposite of comfortable! I am constantly looking for things to get rid of! And this year as my new years resolution...I am cutting down considerably on my accumulation of more stuff...especially since I need to get rid of things, more than get more things. This really speaks to me:

Maybe when my apartment is clear of clutter I can just meditate!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Balance your Chakras

Roll your Oms, wave your thetas, ayama your prana.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Our teaching at Jai for March is Prana. It is everything around us, from the air we breath to the essence of the food we eat to the vibrations emitted from our emotions or moods. Its delicate and powerful. It's as easily affected as it is easily changeable. It's nature and the intelligence of the universe.

"Prana is special because it carries awareness. It is the vehicle of consciousness." Iyengar