Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DYNO munnies

Hi Hunnies...I know a lot of you raved over my last munny post and some were inquiring about snatching up Speaker Monster for some cash...well, here is...MUNNY TIME! YES he is a working clock....and yes, he is by the same artist as Speaker Monster munny. Followed by MUNNY TALKS, who is a shiny, bright red speaker phone!

Stay tuned, because some DYNO munnies (or Dyno's munnies) are gonna be showing April 25-May 11 at APW Gallery in the World of Imagination Show. 195 Chrystie Street. Opening Reception April 25, 7-9pm. Many of you have inquired about show up and maybe you can snatch up one of these lil guys, k? (note: I kinda name the munnies myself but I'm sure Mike has his own names for them...which leads us to another...note: don't ever let me dog sit for you...I might feel inclined to change your dog's name)

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