Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wish list

I am really not huge on presents. REALLY FOREALLY REALS. I really do enjoy giving more than receiving. For my birthday I usually ask for mixtapes which I believe I've only received about 5 in my lifetime as birthday gifts. That's ok. It is mostly bc people get cheap and lazy around the holidays which is when my birthday falls. The grass is always greener. BUT seriously 2 things I want to get myself...The VANE NEW YORK 2 finger ring. My friend showed this to my on hypebeast a few months ago. I have dreams about this ring -I swear. And since my all black ninja pumas are on their last leg I been looking for some new kicks that I wouldn't mind wearing. I am so wanting to take it back to 7th grade with my adidas sambas...glad to know they still make 'em!

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