Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yoga and Topshop

Hi Friends.

I am taking Yoga again. I took a long break from it due to awkward instructors who touch too much and chant Hare Krishna songs. My friend Carol became a certified Yoga instructor awhile ago and it helped me get back into it...HOWEVER, I still have an issue with the touching. Now, don't get me wrong, I take well to instruction and I want to know how to do something correctly...but there is no for reason someone I don't know to touch me for more than 5 seconds. Its extremely invasive and shows disrespect to my personal space. There are things called gently nudging and verbal instruction. I don't get it. I also find if you show up to someone's Yoga class frequently they feel they have license to touch you EVEN MORE! It is sometimes disappointing because all of this touching just ends up defeating the purpose of the makes me lose my focus and feel all ragey and angsty. OH BTW, I took Yoga this morning. :)

I used to wish on all ki
nds of stars that they would open two stores in the US. Mango and TopShop. This was because everytime I went to Asia I would stock up on clothes from these two places. Now that they are here I find myself completely uninterested in shopping where everyone else is shopping...I am just haterading today. I also must hate on the hipsters that walk around with the same TopShop canvas tote I see everywhere. Pukesville, USA.

P.S. It has been confirmed that I will be the owner of these lovelies in June thanks to one of my Shoe Fairies.

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Mouf.Peace said...

OMFG. those are too cute they look like theyre not real!