Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things to add to your Epsom baths!

I am so big on repairing my body from the damage I do to it during the week. I do this very unhealthy thing in which I do not take days off from working out. EH I know its so bad! But I take active rest days! On those I run 2-3 miles and take a Yoga class. That happens about once a week. After its been so long I can't remember the last time I rested I will usually force a full total rest day, or it will happen on its own because of travel. ANYWAYS, because I do this to myself, I have to 1- do a lot of Yoga (because the other physical stuff I am doing is Muay Thai, running and Capoeira when I get the chance...and recently Aerial silks. ) 2- get massages and sometimes acupuncture and 3- take epsom baths. Actually, I should do the baths more often in order to save me $ from having to get massages and acupuncture! Especially because its been recommended to me to do at least once a week by my acupuncturist. This means that 1-my acupuncturist's main focus is not to make money off me and that he is a very good acupuncturist and 2 -that I REALLY should listen to him.

Here are my favorite bath products that are included in my bath ritual:
Epsom Salt -the whole carton! Hot, hot, hot as you can stand water! And stay in there for atleast 15min or as long as you can stand it.
The rest of my bath stuff comes from LUSH
Bath bombs! My favorites: Geo Phyzz, Fizzy O'Therapy and Avo Bath

Bubble bars, crumble them into the bath as the water fills the tub. My favorites: Sunny Side and the Comforter Bubble Bar

Bath melts that are lovely for the skin, just let them melt into the bath water. My Favorite, Mangoe melt!

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