Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pigeon Variations Part 3. Do the twist.

Relaxing in your pigeon pose? Now, wanna make it harder? If you have flexible, open hips and want to go further, this is for you. If you LOVE twisting, this is for you. If you don't have flexible hips and just started doing yoga...maybe hold off on this -don't worry, you will get there in time.

First follow the last post on pigeon to get to your nice relaxing place. Right foot/leg is forward, left leg is elongated behind you, pushing the top of the left foot into the mat, and folded forward over and past your right leg, forehead resting on the floor or on a block or stacked fists. Breathe it out.

1. Come up to your forearms, press palms and forearms down as you pull your shoulders back and down. Chest forward. Think sphinx or baby cobra upper back.
2. Take your left arm and thread it under your right arm. Bring your left shoulder all the way to the floor. Side of your face and head should be resting on the floor. You can prop a blanket under the side of your head if needed, especially if its your first time twisting.
3. Take your right arm, and reach it behind and around you and either find your left hip or hold onto your right foot. Inhale deep into the back and around the kidneys, exhale let it all go.

Want to go further?
4. Bend your left knee towards your butt.
5. Left shoulder still on the floor, now left hand reaches for the left foot. Yeah, you're gonna feel that. Breathe with a slow exhale.
6. Take the tip of your tongue against the roof of the mouth behind your 2 front teeth, relax your jaw.

Next post; half pigeon bind, full pigeon bind and the choke hold.

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