Monday, June 11, 2012

Chakras! YAY!

I have been doing guided chakra meditations and also our monthly focus at Jai is now Chakras! The chakras and poses that I think connect with each.

1- Root -what grounds us. Earth energy. Its home base, basic needs for survival. Creating rooting or foundation. Practicing mulabhanda, pachimotanasana, tadasana.
2- Sacral -I like that sacral is sacred. The sacrum and hip bones surround and protect our reproductive organs. Sexual energy. But to me this is a lot about developing boundaries and what we keep protected. Bridge pose
3- Solar Plexus -Digestion and fire energy. Stomach and intestines. This is about differentiation. How we build our identity and ego. How we label ourselves. Side angle twist, any twists!
4- Heart -After differentiation we arrive at compassion. Oneness. This is how we start to become different from other animals. Upward facing dog, back bending
5- Throat -Communication, speech. This is what really makes us different from other animals. Also its how our internal body starts to have connection to the outside. Shoulderstand, bridge pose, camel
6- Ajna/third eye -Where we do our Yoga and meditation. Its our inward journey and our thinking mind. Balancing poses -tree, utitha hasta padagustasana. Or seated meditation, tratak.
7- Crown -Above the actual crown of the head, our spiritual connection. What connects us to the cosmic universe. Warrior 3, plank. Meditation.

I find a connection to this system with the nervous system. They align along with the spine and the brain. Our Yoga practice really opens up these chakras, especially because the stresses in life tend to cause us to create blockages.

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