Monday, December 10, 2012

Aversion vs Attraction

When I first started practicing Yoga...all the poses were hard! I used to hate chair pose. Like, #1 pose to hate. Now I really teach chair pose...soooooo much. I sort of love it..but still remember hating it. Its that thigh burning thing. I'm used to it, but its still killer sometimes especially when you're required to be there for a long time. Also there is so much to do in terms of variations and flowing into it. Also, once I'm out of it, I'm pretty happy about it! Well my point is these poses we have an aversion to ...or even an attraction to...what does that really mean? Why do we attach these opinions to experiences even when we know that the experience is not always exactly the same, therefore, our opinion can change about it at any given time. Every once in a while its good to come back to that neutral ground, weight equally distributed, tadasana, samastithi. Reset and start over. Forget that you couldn't get the balance on your right side. Start over before you do the other side, as if its your first side.

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