Monday, August 5, 2013

Flying down the stairs=not Ahimsa

I had so many things on my to-do list today. And now instead, I am doing nothing. I was rushing to get everything done this morning that I literally jumped-ran down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Landed on my butt at the bottom of the stars and everything! Luckily it doesn't seem like a bad sprain and I was able to hobble around to finish the most important errand as well as make it to the acupuncture clinic. But here comes my lesson on Ahimsa...

I was so angry this morning because I had all these errands to run before 2pm. Things were taking longer than I expected, I had to make an extra trip to fix something that was over looked and ultimately I was annoyed, frustrating and running back and forth all over the city. Ok running and biking. When I was biking I was being so super careful, when I was flying down the stairs, not so much. So in the rush, I forgot to be kind and not violent towards my ankle. Now I'm laying down with it elevated and wrapped in smelly Chinese liniments. That's what I get!

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