Monday, February 17, 2014

When Negative Thoughts Come in...

Switching up your perspective is sometimes all it takes to make things happen your way. I think its easy to walk around NYC with a bad attitude. We get up early, get on a packed subway train that is running late, someone's elbow is in your back and an armpit a little too close to your face. And then there is a woman on the subway car who is obviously pissed off the the train is not running as fast as she wants it to. Then, you still have to start your day!

I like the yoga sutra that tells us, "when negative thoughts come in, ponder the opposite".  I like this because it requires us to be proactive and responsible for our moods. Sometimes its easy to think we have no control and it makes it easier to complain, but we do in fact have control over our emotions. We don't have to feel so negative or crappy, we can just ponder the opposite and it won't be as bad. We cannot expect results without trying. And we should be accountable for walking around with bad attitudes because we are all capable of lessening it, even if its just a little. Every little bit will always count for something!

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