Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cleanse no more!

Kind of glad to be done with my juice cleanse! It was only 3 days long and to be honest, it was much easier than I thought. I've done juice cleanses on my own before the craze of juice companies and packaged cleanses and I have to say I like the 5 juices a day + 1 smoothie format. Doing it on my own I think I would try to drink every hour or two and I would probably have about 6-8 juices depending but no smoothie. I felt more full with the smoothie and I honestly only needed the 4 juices + smoothie. I have 3 left over so I am half cleansing now. It seems to work out for me to have most of my calories early, since I get up early and work out in the mornings. By the time I get to dinner I'm ok with skipping it sometimes or replacing it with a juice, fruit or small salad. Planning on having a yummy salad today with avocado in it. My body wants more fat though some of my love grace. shakes had almonds or coconut oil in it. Maybe meat will happen in my diet in a few days! Excited for that. But really using this opportunity to not dive into a box of cookies or something crazy. :)

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