Sunday, June 15, 2014

We want satsang!

We always talk about turning inward in yoga and coming into stillness, solitude and meditation. I think this can sometimes be mistaken for isolating ourselves. Although it is sometimes necessary to do that, its not our goal. The practice of yoga helps us to sit better in our own skin, align with nature and flow better with the environment around us. It teaches us how to move smoother through our relationships. The practice of yoga helps us to function better in our external world. Its a balancing act between our inward and outward worlds. Sitting in the company of truth, among friends and family is also an important part of the yoga practice. Sometimes we seek the mat to find our answers and other times we seek our friends for the answers. Our friends and people we love also help us to sit better in ourselves and walk better in our own shoes. We get to choose who we surround ourselves with and therefore our friends are a great reflection of ourselves. And being in the company of that truth is reassurance, its love and its support. Satsang is why we come to class most often to practice yoga, in a group setting, we connect with ourselves in order to connect with everyone and everything else.  It is important to put it back into perspective and always understand how our yoga works off the mat.

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