Monday, July 21, 2014

Talking about leap of faith...

It requires trust and surrender. I used to resist surrender. It sounds so weak and I'm someone who wants to work hard and push forward, accomplish. Surrender is the opposite of that! Well, that's what I thought. I can't control what's out of my hands. The universe is bigger than me. Small things...don't...matter. There is something greater out there. And no matter what...the earth is under my feet. Now...that's surrender.

My leap of faith is that I am going to try and actually BE a yoga teacher. I never thought of myself as one...but a few years ago I began hearing my friends refer to me as a "yoga teacher". At first I rejected it...that's not me! And then I got used to hearing it but not being it. I decided I am going to start doing it like its me. So I am now going to be teaching group classes 4x a week that are open to the public. I have resisted for so long giving up my time to do this...and why not? It always feels good to teach a class...its work that I can enjoy. So here I am...diving in. #leapoffaith

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