Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Yoga Challenge? YES!

I've been dabbling in some Instagram yoga challenges and they were insane. One was full of insane backbends! And the most recent was all about getting your feet behind your head -both of them. It was a challenge alright. A challenge to attempt the poses without going past my body's range of motion, understanding where my edge is, and not to feel like I was supposed to be able to do these poses with ease, looking perfect in them. It was a daily thought process to remember that my body is my body and being bendy is not yoga. With that said, at one point I got a little annoyed with the challenge because the entire last week was impossible, so I had to dig deep and let go that I couldn't "accomplish" the poses but also that I didn't need to. Overall I cannot deny that I love following those bendy ashtanga yogi's on IG and see how they get all bendy-gumby-pretzeled out! BUT I don't have to be that and I don't have to be annoyed that I"m not that :)

In conclusion, my friend and I are starting our own yoga challenge. All easy, every day poses and different options and variations for people to take. I am also having fun taking non-perfect, awkward yoga selfies!

Join the challenge!!!!

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