Friday, March 21, 2008

The Return of the B-boy (Planet B-Boy)

Hey Lover Bees and Hip-Hop lovers! Don't you miss b-boy shit? I mean, there is all this junk out there like You Got Served, Step Up, America's Best Dance Crew, etc. Don't get me wrong, its dope to see people out there doin' their thing, but I'm SAYIN' THOUGH...don't you miss real breaking the old fashion hip-hop way? Sometimes I think with all the commercial stuff out there...people just don't get to see the art in its real form. So today I went to see Planet B-Boy, a documentary about breakers, their lives, what drives them to break and their training building up to the Battle Of The Year competition. WHAT?! Now THAT is the REAL new school shit right there! Its a feel good movie and you get to learn a lil about old school shit and the new school way people are doing it worldwide. Fun for the whole family!

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