Monday, March 21, 2011

High heels for rehab!

So I totally owe my blog readers a real post at this point, no? All..two of you...who read this...still there? Well I have been trying to power through an injury. A common running injury which is a sore and inflamed hip flexor. The problem with this kind of injury is, you are not supposed to "power through" it! What happens is running makes the quads tight, which makes the ITBand tight, which makes the hips hurt and then the knees. My entire left leg has been failing me due to this injury. And note to self, if being on the elliptical machine hurts...yeah that means you shouldn't be doing anything AT ALL!

Why am I posting a picture of a lovely Michael Kors pump do you ask? Because this is how I am rehabbing my injury. Look, I am NOT saying this is for everyone. This is about listening to your body and figuring out what works for you. I don't have high arches really, but what I know my feet do not like is flat shoes, especially ballet flats. With all the crappy weather in NYC this winter I became accustomed to flat shoes. Snow boots, rain boots, warm Timbs with insulated lining and even sneakers. Anything that is warm and keeps me from busting my ass on ice. You get it. So yes, part of my injury is probably due to increasing the intensity and length of my runs without rest but greatly from not taking care of my tootsies this winter by giving them a lil fancy heel time. The last week I have been spending more time in comfortable and supportive heels and my hip flexors feel a world of a difference! I can't wait to run again. And also, foam rolling is extremely helpful though painful on ITBands.

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