Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leave my Savasana alone! Part 2

I take a lot of early morning Yoga classes, sometimes at a gym. Because its not a traditional Yoga environment, people who have to rush to work and beat long shower lines in the locker room will skip savasana and leave early. This, I totally understand but find problematic. Because while we are all about to prepare for savasana...they are shuffling, slamming closet doors, knocking over bottles of water. I know I should be using my mental paint over method here which does work! I suppose I just feel inconvenienced for having to do it on a routine basis. There is something to be said about yoga and awareness or mindfulness. Maybe there can be some quiet tip toeing and if people could skip some of the closing poses and do their own savasana they might be a lil calmer and quieter when leaving the room.

Which brings me to a totally unrelated note. I visited this really lovely studio recently called Yoga Maya. I encourage people to take advantage this month because they along with Lululemon are offerring free Saturday morning classes at 9am. They are only an hour long and you're mat to mat crowded but it was truly an amazing class when I went. The instructor played this tiny organ like instrument during the opening of the class which made our OM's sound musical. It made my voice sound not so horrible. And the unison of everyone's Om's truly vibrated throughout the space.

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