Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring, change and tulips

Because it is Spring (finally in NYC), the theme of change comes up for me. It's come up in several different ways in the last few weeks. One big change for me is that I will be going back to school! HOOOOEMMMMGEEE. That's weird for me because it's been a long time. I'm already feeling anxiety about how I'll be juggling things in my schedule! But also the good anxiety in which I'm excited and anticipating.

Another change theme that seems to keep coming up is the idea of changing yourself for someone. I always hear people say "don't change for someone" which I think depends on the situation. I think its all good to change or compromise if you find it better for all parties to co-exist better, but to straight up change without checking in with yourself is a whole 'nother story. Then there is the idea that when someone becomes imposing and you have to work around them. I hate those situations because it is usually a situation in which there isn't much that you can do to change the environment and so you have to put up with a certain amount of catering to said imposing person in which ultimately, you change in order to make them feel better about their insecurities. And then there is the situation where someone is so rude that you want to be rude or nasty right back to them..but then you stop and realize...that's not me, I can't let this rude nasty person change the way I would normally act.

Next time you are stuck in one of these situations in which you don't want to change for someone else...after thoughtful meditation and consideration if you still feel stuck or trapped, image you're in Triangle Pose and you're trying to stack your hips and shoulders. You know when the instructor tells you to imagine you're trying to fit between two narrow walls or panes of glass? Be a nice Triangular place. It is what it is and you find away to make it work some how.

Stop NYC, and take in those tulips! University Pl.

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