Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspiration part 2

Why teaching others is so amazing...
In some ways I don't think being a Yoga teacher is "my thing". I don't like pushing my "stuff" on other people and acting like its what they should be doing. I am a very "do what you feel" kinda Yoga instructor. I keep things light and easy peasy...which I think makes me an OK yoga teacher and not a GREAT Yoga teacher. But it is what it is. However, teaching is super cool because I like making people feel good. I like knowing that if someone had a stressful day I gave them an hour of relief and maybe they can even take that relief with them. Even better...I like when I can help someone accomplish something they didn't think they could -like Side crow. This is one of my favorite arm balances because its a lot easier than it looks. Recently I taught 2 people how to do it. I simply showed the exact alignment for getting into it and hallelooo! Bam! Side Crow! I love that idea of people having the potential to accomplish certain things and its all about guiding them to the right tools to do so.

If you're interested in learning my alignment and break down for the pose...check out this old post.

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