Sunday, May 29, 2011


Since the weather has been amazing I have been jogging laps around one of the parks in my neighborhood. I much prefer jogging laps around a park then doing the Westside Highway or Central Park runs since I can always cop out and come back home easily and also so I don't have to lay on sunblock. The sunblock thing is another reason why I run before 8am. Sundays at 6am btw, are the best mornings to run because the city is still quiet and there aren't as many runners out. Once you hit 7am everything becomes distracting and there are a lot of other runners out.

Lately I see a group of 3 older Asian ladies that walk laps around the park and another older Asian woman who power walks laps around the park. As I run my laps I count how many times I pass them. They are always there before me and still going after me. Today they inspired me to run 2 more laps than I planned.

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