Sunday, October 21, 2012

Destroy the Ego

Being a "beginner" in yoga vs. "experienced" is not about going into binds, inversions or whatever you might think is the deepest variation of a pose. Its not doing every chattarunga or being able be in a headstand for 9 breaths. The difference is being able to let go and know when your body needs child's pose or to skip a vinyasa. Its being able to know what is available and appropriate at any given time. Just because you can bind in side angle pose doesn't mean its appropriate to do that version every single time you do it! This is a time in our practice when are challenged by our ego. Sometimes as simple as tree pose might seem...we have that day where its just not happening and you just can't get into it. This is when we have to give ourselves permission to not be perfect and not be as "advanced" as we thought we were. Sometimes we're faced with challenges in life. Those days that go completely wrong...when things don't happen how we expect and we're suddenly late for everything or missing the bus or losing our jobs or whatever it is that life throws at us. It is so important to allow ourselves this concept is not easy. It is a challenge every day. And that being the case, we cannot allow it to hold us back! Let go, move on...destroy the ego!

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