Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The working of change

"Shiva Energy" is what one of my Yoga teachers refers to as the energy of destruction. There is this natural movement of things towards destruction in order for change and rebirth. We can look at the ideas of death and destruction as negative but they are a way of wiping the slate clean for us. We can start all over again. And change cannot truly happen without the actions of leveling and letting go completely. This is an important concept because in order for life to go on we have to have change. If things stay the same they are motionless and stagnant -the opposite of life. There is this idea we talk about in Yoga a lot about "surrendering" and "trusting the universe". The season of fall brings about this strong energy of change and if we don't surrender to it, or go with the flow...it only makes things more difficult. If we become rigid and fight it, we start to find that we're tiring ourselves out, fighting the inevitable. Its important to trust the decisions that we've made that are now coming into play. At the same time the Fall is metal energy which is also has to do with refining. Its the working of change. It is deciding what is absolutely necessary and what is absolutely unneeded and getting rid of it. It is being strong and decisive and cutting off the waste and only keep what is pure.

In celebration of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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