Monday, November 26, 2012

Chisme, chismosa

I like this idea of turning something negative into a positive. As Americans, we are geared towards wanting our material stuff. We are constantly in this state of comparison and trying to win some unofficial contest that we call life. We constantly want things we don't have and we engage in a game of envy. And I have always thought this about gossip. I know gossip is supposed to be bad and terribly negative. But I really like to gossip. Ok, well there is bad gossip...that is mean and hurtful -you feel icky afterwards -but then there is just meaningless gossip. Like when you talk about things for no reason but just to sit around, sip your tea and shoot the shiz with your homegirls. To me this gossip -meaningless gabber about what we "want" in life, etc great. Its abundance. I love it because it means I have the luxury in life to wah wah wah about meaningless stuff. If I can sit around on my butt and complain...geez, my life must be pretty good no? I mean people who are actually forreal forreal suffering and down in life are not sitting around talking about how life would be better if only this, that and the third. Or if only I had this so that I wouldn't have to complain. I believe when one can overflow their conversations with all this nonsense, it means...there is an abundance. Abundance attracts abundance. So if you can see your complaining as something light -an activity instead of a serious can feel not only lighter, but maybe attract a little more abundance for yourself.

With that said, I defer to Deepak Chopra.

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