Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why meditation is hard

Why meditation is hard
1. It is difficult to be comfortable with yourself.
2. Now that you've tuned out everything around you...all the things going on inside are heightened.
3. You can't find a comfortable way to sit.
4. Something happened to you today that you cannot let go of.
5. Something happened to you 10 years ago that you cannot let go of. 
6. You feel sick today.
7. You broke up with your partner today.
8. You ate too much.
9. There are too many voices in your head.
10. A quiet place is not accessible to you.

This list can go on. You can change the title of this list to: "Excuses for not meditating" OR "Reasons why you SHOULD meditate". The point is that meditation is not going to just happen. OR maybe it can? Well meditation is a lifetime practice. You may have been meditating consistently for 10 years and today you just can't get into it for whatever reason. It happens. Or maybe its your first time meditating and you have no expectations or judgments about it so you are able to just sit and drop in. Maybe you have meditated 3 times randomly in different settings but have never tried it on your own. Whatever your relationship is with meditation, it will always be difficult because you have your whole life to work on it. It will be different every time and you can try all different methods. The goal is to practice it!

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