Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Heart and mind

Anahata -unstruck sound. It is the spiritual center of the Heart.
It is in our Heart Chakra when we begin to feel and tune into the vibration of life. This is where we feel our heart beat, where we feel emotions and where we perceive. We also begin to feel higher realms of consciousness here, aside from our egos. The heart is affected by all emotions and senses -physical and emotional. The more balanced your heart is, the better your perception. It is where you can transcend your material self. Where you can balance what is internal and external, physical and transient. Ignorance and illusion often entangle our emotions. We often allow our feelings to control our lives and  relationships. We allow our emotions to define our identity. This causes a blockage in our heart chakra. Its so important not to be blocked here because then your energy cannot go up to the places of higher consciousness. When we hold too tightly, are too over protective, we cave in and suffocate the Heart. This can affect our breathing, our communication and our thinking minds.

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