Sunday, September 15, 2013

We can't control the world around us

BUT we can control our breath, and with that, we can control ourselves. Is it interesting how we try to control things that are simply out of our reach. We try to control others to do what we want them to, we try to make things in our life go OUR way. It becomes a struggle at work, in our relationships, at home, with our friends, in any situation in which we want things to be easier for us. But when it doesn't work out we feel disappointed and frustrated. And this is because we were going about it in the wrong manner. We simply cannot control things that are so huge, we cannot control the universe or the world around us. We also cannot control people and/or our relationships! But in trying to do all of this control we easily forget about ourselves. We can control our own breath, we can retain it, we can elongate it, we can make it smoother -can we not? So with controlling the breath, we can notice that we can control our heart rate to some extent as well, we breath deeper and slower -the heart rate goes down. We can also control our bodies and our minds, instead of getting worried and preoccupied we can easily come back to our breath and keep ourselves from getting caught up in the emotions. Experiencing emotions is great but when it begins to hold us down its a whole different ball game.

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