Monday, October 14, 2013

Change and Changeless

One cannot exist without the other. They are constantly pulling and pushing each other and we are constantly trying to get them to balance out. Just like in our Asana practice we always feel a force forwards and backwards. Pressing down and lifting up. Things unchanged are what help us to ground, be stable and strong. It gives a foundation for everything to build upon. Our changes are what helps us to move forward in life and find new things, new beginnings and take away what we don't need anymore.

Life gives us the unexpected all the time. The way nature flows is unpredictable. There can be storms and waves but we can also have peace and stillness at any given time. When changes comes about we sometimes want to resist or fight it, because we want to stay in our unchanged comfort. What we don't realize is that struggling and staying stagnant is also causing another kind of discomfort. And our tendancy to cling to what is comfort is just an unreal attachment. If we can align with nature and follow the flow, let go of our need to control, this is where we find peace and comfort. Knowing the unpredictable nature of the world we can stand stronger our ground and be able to take what is given to us. As Yogi's our sensitivity to changes are there, we just have to trust ourself and notices the subtle shifts in energy, this will tell us where to go, how much to change and how much we remain unchanged.

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