Monday, January 6, 2014

Shifting part 2: Be Limitless

People always associate yoga with being flexible physically but really what it teaches us is to be more flexible in our thinking. In shifting our perspectives on situations and when making decisions. When we find that kind of flexibility we can take hold of limitlessness. To see that whatever is at our feet or just ahead of us is limitless is the shift we need. Our daily lives sometimes make us think we need to hold back, we get bogged down by responsibility. We get conditioned to the idea that we have to hold back. Being more flexible mentally, spiritually and in our consciousness, we can see the openness that life has to offer. the limitless possibilities that are just sitting there waiting for us.

I think the importance of our alignment cue's, doing our poses in transition, step by step and practicing the present moment it...helps us to be more consciously aware and therefore we can accomplish poses that we might otherwise consider to be impossible. When we stop thinking about what it is or what its supposed to be, and before you know it you've taken the bind while balancing on one leg, come into a full back bend, jumped back from crow or come into your first head stand. Whatever those poses are that we think we'd never do, if we throw away though the "can't do it" part and be in the moment of each breath we will achieve and we ride the limitlessness.

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