Friday, March 28, 2014

Conserve and burn. Alternate, switch it up and repeat, sit in your seat and change your mind.

One of my favorite ideas from yoga is practice and tapas. Our practice should be consistent, with patience and attended to for a long time. We keep ourselves on this consistent basis with tapas. Its effort that is not just automatic but proactive. We participate. This is when our friends ask us to go out to dinner after work instead of yoga or (insert other disciplined practice here) and we want to bail on our yoga..but we say no. Because we know what we set out to do. Its the passion that motivates us. Its the moment when we feel like maybe giving up or slacking but we decide not to. Pushing through the urge to slack is when we start to see the alchemy part, the part where we shift our perspectives and we fly, become lighter. Its what makes me understand that we can really change things for ourselves if only we participate. It also requires us to be accountable. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and feel like nothing changes for us, but nothing will change really if we don't put forth the tapas.

On the other end of burning the tapas, there is this idea of conserving. Eastern practices always emphasize the conservation of energy, prana, qi. Finding the balance of when to burn it, and when to hold it in and go home early to avoid being sick. To jump up into a handstand in vinyasa or when to skip it entirely and take child's pose. The truth is, our modern lives just burn away all of our fire/yang energy. Yoga is a practice that is meant to help us conserve and control that energy and be a little more yin. So as always we're trying to find comfort in sitting in our own seat in life. When to pull back and when to speed ahead. 

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