Saturday, September 6, 2014


One of my favorite things about yoga has become alignment....besides the breath, focus, meditative quality and samadhi, I mean. After coming to a close with my time with Yoga 216 studying alignment and anatomy along with my learning path of acupuncture and Chinese medicine everything is alignment! Its so important to keep our energy meridians open and flowing, and our bones and joints in healthy places! I have seen patients with severe pain and injury just from repeated poor posture or bad habits in movement. Its avoidable. To say alignment in yoga is unimportant is just CRAY. I also think I can work on Tadasana forever, and very few yogini's are able to do chattarunga correctly. Not a judgement but just an observation in which I come to the conclusion that...alignment is important. Its hard to imagine where your body is in space if you don't practice thinking about it. When you're in a twisted triangle pose, do you know where your butt is in relationship to your head? Its hard to figure that out!

I practice tadasana when I wait for the subway. Why shouldn't we practice a lot? To each is own in a yoga class and what you're looking for in a class might change day to day or whatever. I just read this link :

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