Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take child's pose and stop trying to practice with socks on!

This morning I went to Yoga class to be in child's pose and downward dog. Seriously, what was I doing? I was way to sore to fully participate. I skipped so many poses (like most backbends) and had to full on rest after anything slightly hard. Any twists or binds felt extra painful and tight. I am either severely over trained and/or coming down with something. Lots of sneezing today. My point is, always check in with your body and see how its feeling. Rest when you need it. Some Yoga teachers push and push you but don't be afraid to say "no" when you know you've had enough. You know your body better than anyone else. I am a big believer in stopping an instructor who is going for a hard adjustment. It's not ok! Also, know when your body needs child's pose or doesn't want to do camel because it doesn't feel good. It was hard not to push myself when I wanted to today but my body thanks me for not abusing it.

Another notable thing in my Yoga practice this morning was that a woman who walked in well after the opening "om-ing" decided to practice with socks on. I don't know the woman, she is not a regular in class and I don't know her practice. I do know she was slipping all over her mat throughout class distracting the few people practicing around her. I kept hearing someone whisper "Jesus Christ!" throughout the class. I was focused on my own soreness and pain so I had no idea until a few people were talking about it after class. Socks Lady did a couple of things wrong here. 1- She wore socks to Yoga! I looked up a few times and saw her sliding around and moving her mat this way and that way. It must have been distracting for her and the people around her. 2-She showed up late to a crowded class in which people had to shuffle around their mats to fit her in. 3- She didn't check in with her body and take care of herself. Instead she allowed herself to get frustrated from slipping around and because some of the poses are kind of challenging. Maybe she needed a child's pose. 4- Jesus or calling for Jesus was doing nothing to help her but it was further distracting the people around her and not such a polite thing for the instructor. The people around her that she distracted in class were milling about after talking about it. Just a chain of negative stuff.

Ultimately we don't know the Socks Lady and why she wore socks to class. We don't know if she has had a terrible day, week or month, but there are two sides to every coin. If you're the one having a bad day...try not to spread it those around you. If you're the one in Yoga next to Socks Lady calling for JC and totally distracting you, realize she is going through something and although is annoying, might need some compassion right about now. Even if you're wrong and the woman is just a B.I.... remember, compassion is a big part of Yoga, so practice it as well as your warriors and sun salutations.

In conclusion, do not wear socks to Yoga. Even if they are "Yoga" socks. 'Cause the point is to be in touch with your body and find your own balance against your mat. You lose so much sensitivity for balance when you cannot directly connect to the floor. Also, yoga is meant to stimulate the nerves in the soles of your feet. :)

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