Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I really hate when I am in a Yoga class and I am set up for closing/winding down for savasana and on my back. Moving from a shoulder stand or a back bend and then all of a sudden they have me sit back up again to do forward folds! HOLY DIZZINESS. It always makes me leave the class with a fuzzy headache-y feeling. I enjoy closing with shoulder stands, back bends and matsyasana -fish pose.

How to get into fish pose:
1-Lay flat on your back and then inhale to puff your chest up, pulling the head back and slowly reaching the crown of the head to the ground.
2-Bend the elbows as your chest puffs up and let the weight fall into your arms
3-Point the toes
4-Feel good here? Let's go deeper! Use the strength of your belly or abs and life the legs of the ground while still pointing the feet.
5-Lift the arms and press the palms together for flying fish!

This is a great pose to do after shoulder stand and plow.

Benefits: back pain, respiratory issues, digestion, fatigue, anxiety and PMS.
Stretches the front of the neck and uses the strength of the belly. Stimulates the organs of the throat, thyroid and belly. Strengthens the upper back.
DON'T do this if: you have back pain or neck/shoulder pain.
Stop doing this pose if your neck starts to hurt!

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