Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Giving, Receiving, Taking and Value

I always struggle with all 4 of these things in different ways.

Giving is one of the things I rely most on in order to convey to someone that I care. I really feel fulfilled when I know I gave someone something that they really needed, really wanted or just the act of me giving made them feel good. It's super gratifying.

Receiving is sometimes awkward for me. I don't need most things generally and I am pretty close to becoming a hoarder so I REALLY don't need most things. Receiving in even complements or favors is sometimes weird to me. I know that most of the time from friends and family that it comes from a good place but its always uncomfortable for me for some reason. I have worked on this considerably,

Taking is even more uncomfortable. I don't feel comfortable from most people to take something without asking, giving back or paying for it. Maybe with immediate family.

Value is to me so many things. I value my friendships, my own time, what I do, the universe and myself.

Here is where I feel things get confused. When I give its on my own terms, and because I am polite and don't ask for things in return it does not mean there is no value to my favors or gifts. How do I continue to be myself -in wanting to give, without being taken advantage of and also being devalued? Giving so much to people, they return it by devaluing what you do.

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