Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thinking of doing more about the Yoga in your life?

I never thought I would teach Yoga. I did a teacher training for the sole purpose of being able to teach myself Yoga. I wanted to find more of what I liked in Yoga and reconcile my issues with it. Also to deepen my practice physically and gain some understanding about certain poses. I did all of that and more. Now to tell you about Jai Yoga Arts, the place where I teach Yoga. It is a really awesome community. One of the main purposes of the studio is to do just that...build community. Ella is an amazing teacher and mentor. She has a way of teaching Yoga that makes it accessible to everyone. Beginners and long time practitioners. Jai is such an awesome place to teach Yoga but also to take Yoga classes. Everyone in the community is warm and friendly. The best part of class, having tea together afterwards. You really get to know the people at the studio and they all get to know each other. Jai is really such a true manifestation of the idea of Yoga as "union".

Do your teacher training here!

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