Thursday, May 10, 2012

Samadhi at 6:45am

Studying Chinese medicine, I spend a lot of time thinking about how our emotions play a part in our ailments, sicknesses, diseases. As a society and as a culture, this is huge. In TCM, meditating is a part of daily life in order to maintain health. Think of it like taking your vitamins or eating healthy. So why don't we think of Yoga in this way? I do. Staying calmer and happier will keep you healthier. Even if you look at this in a Western Bio Medical kind of way. Our bodies are more alkaline...stress and anger create more acidity in our bodies, what do you think the physiological effects are? What about our nervous systems and our endocrine systems. Emotions effect these systems, which effect our hormones....doesn't it just make sense?

Samadhi is awesome for our health and immune system. It brings lightness and easiness to our minds and bodies. I like the idea that Samadhi is so available to us. I know that some people may argue that what we think we experience isn't "really Samadhi". But really...come on...why does it have to be so special? We know it when we feel it. I think its like child's pose. Sometimes we're so busy in life we forget to enjoy simply resting. When we do it it feels so lovely, no? This is what I taught to my 6:45am class today and whether or not they connected to it, I felt they did! They breathed an amazing energy this morning that kept me going all day.

Thank you, 6:45-am-ers!

P.S. I wrote this post a few weeks ago and looking back on it sounds like I was writing about Samadhi....

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