Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shed your ego

Its hard culturally to let go of the idea of how we identify ourselves, no? Here is my list of the different ways I identify myself: artist, Asian, acupuncture student, little sister, friend, introverted, flexible, injured, New Yorker, blogger, Yoga practitioner...the list can go on! We all put ourselves in categories, under labels or roles to play. It's in a way, how we make sense of things or how we decide where we fit in. But sometimes we get stuck in these roles! I find myself saying..."Well, I don't really do that because I'm Asian" HAHA! OR "New Yorkers live like...such and such and we don't do this, but we are really into this other thing". So ridiculous sounding! But we all do this to some extent because its hard to let go of our ego.

It is when we let go of these labels and roles, that we can truly live in the present moment. We free ourselves to the attachments we have to our labels and instead open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.

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