Friday, July 27, 2012

Who are you, really?

Its difficult not to judge. When we see something we immediately describe it, decide if we like it or not. That decision is often baked into us, this is the heat of our ego at work. We build preconceived ideas about situations and people without understanding the process or experience, Without having enough experience. This brings us to the place where we are not really experiencing what we think we are, we are not really seeing what we think we are. Its all a construct of our ego. This is a difficult thing to let go of. But when we come into our Yoga practice its something we try to do. Give ourselves the time and space to let go of the mind's constant urge to make sense of things. Instead of making sense, we can use our senses. We can give ourselves the opportunity to shed our mind's chatter. We are giving ourselves a break from the roles we play in life, otherwise known as our egos.  As soon as we intellectualize, describe or judge something we change that thing/experience and its no longer what it was when we first saw it. A beginner's mind is not just about being a beginner but imagining the natural or original state of the mind and the things in our world.

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