Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doing what makes sense

In the name of the New Year...I would like to not make resolutions but instead lighten my load and list some things I am letting go of:

Impulse shopping -I am a person who loves things and attachments. And now...I have too many things. Time to stop getting more stuff and spending money to get more stuff. I am giving up clothes shopping this year. Giving my self the exception of...necessity (ie. nothing to wear to a wedding, boots are busted up and I need new ones) and also if I happen to travel to Asia this year...I WILL be shopping, but other than that no new clothes, shoes or accessories.

Being involved and taking breaks -I have for the past year...had my hands in everything. EVERYTHING. I mean, Master's program full-time, 2 different part-time jobs, teaching Yoga and being in a Yoga apprentice program and still living my life. I am slowly working on being less involved in everything, taking breaks when needed.

Eating junk -Part of eating poorly for me is because I am running around busy that I grab whatever I can get to. I eat an excess of bread carbs and meat, along with general junk. Stress eating from studying gets the best of me. If I plan my meals and snacks ahead of time, I can be a little better balanced.

In conclusion I am basically trying to get to a place of slowing down my brain, thinking more clearly and just making things simple so that I can rely on my common sense instead of following old routines that don't make sense.

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