Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Entering the healing dimension

Community acupuncture is something that always sounded cool to me and I liked what it was all about -affordable, easily accessible and especially good for people who need frequent visits for chronic issues and last minute appointments for something acute. I never realized the whole other side of its amazing-ness until I started getting treated in a community setting.

If you've never had community acupuncture, the way they keep it low-cost is that everyone is treated in the same room. One large room with several table/beds and/or chairs. Which may sound weird at first if you're not used to it. BUT I have found that for people who are a bit anxious about acupuncture its kind of nice for them because they don't have to feel left alone in a room -espeically if they're being treated for anxiety. You just come into the room and sit down, and the acupuncturist comes to you and you can tell them in a low voice (as not to disturb the other people who are resting) about your problem. This allows them to treat several people at once and for you to pay a smaller fee. And the most amazing part is since everyone is being healed in the same room it creates this force field of healing within the room. Yeah, I said it force field! Its like walking into a whole nother dimension in which healing occurs. It feels like time has stopped and you've gotten an hour to yourself so that you can just get better. AND the person on the bed next to you who is starting to feel also make you feel better...and vice versa. This is the power of healing!

If you haven't tried community acupuncture:

Olo Acupuncture

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