Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Truth

Satsang is sitting in truth. I like this idea a lot because at Jai its what we try to make it all about. A place where we can all shed our stuff and just show up on our mats as our true selves. Free of attachments and egos.

I like to think of some of Yoga poses as being outward and inward. Outward poses are when we face the world around us, warrior I and II, low lunge, upward facing dog, tadasana. Inward poses are when we are turning inward towards ourselves and face ourselves, reflect, regroup. Child's pose, downward facing dog, standing forward bends, seated forward bends. The outward vs inward helps us to consider how we feel when we face the world or ourselves. How does it make you feel at any given moment? Do you feel attracted or repulsed by one or the other at any certain time? What do you naturally veer towards? Finding the balance as the key.

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