Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Connecting ...off line.

I taught a 7 minute meditation today in a BNI group. BNI groups are professionals who come together for the purpose of networking and referrals. I love this idea! In NYC we are always on top of each other and trying not to connect with each other. We are trying to disconnect! I rarely chat on the phone anymore with facebook and texting its just no longer convenient and I think we are all losing are ability to connect! Social networking is always the answer because its easy and accessible. I use it myself, however it doesn't always leave the same type of lasting impression as a hand shake and an in-person conversation. BNI groups are a place or forum for whatever it is you do and a community of people who help you grow it. The members are pro-active in referring each other and its a win-win situation. I attended the group today as a guest and was glad that I was so warmly received that I was asked to teach a small group a short piece. Even in 7 minutes I felt the improvement in their clarity and breathing. These are the changes I love about teaching Yoga! The energy of a group of people building and growing a community in order to grow each other started my day off right. Thanks BNI!

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