Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spirit and Emotion

Today someone asked me..."how do you feel emotionally?" I felt pretty good. But then they asked "how do you feel spiritually?" Initially I wanted to put the two together but I realized....spiritually I felt off and disconnected. Mostly bc I slept weird and my neck and back was bothering me. I felt my back and spine were greatly out of alignment which made me feel like I was not in alignment with myself and had a harder time connecting with what was around me because I was kind of in pain. Though I am still feeling this I do have to say I got a 5-10 min massage and my neck sort of went back into its proper place and although I'm still really improved my whole day by tenfold! The moral of the story is, when your stuff is not lined up properly, your spirit can suffer. Get a damn massage, yo! I am doing that STAT!

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