Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Multi-tasking with pedicures

In most cases I am not so into multi-tasking. I know our society is all about that now...but I do find that in many instances the tasks we're trying to accomplished don't get enough attention. It is actually not so efficient. HOWEVER, today I decided to get a pedicure and while doing so...I planned my upcoming workshop and also studied for my herbs quiz. So the difference is? I am not giving myself the pedicure...so its not half-assed and I actually had the chance to zen out, feel good and peaceful while still getting something else done. The cool thing about my experience was...I suddenly turned next to me and realized one of my fellow Yogi's was right next to me doing the same thing! She was getting work done on her laptop while getting a nice pedicure! Great minds think alike!

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