Sunday, June 9, 2013

Victory in the Breath: Ujjayi

The breath in yoga is victorious. It powers our movements and opens up our bodies. We often give up control of our minds and bodies without noticing. Our lives get so busy with jobs, relationships, goals and material things. And because we're not always aware we, allow what we do in life -our Karma to get in the way of our Dharma -our path or living. Our breath takes us back into our bodies and reminds us of our living or true selves. It reminds us to feel what its like to be back in control of our physical self instead of being on auto pilot or just going through the motions of life. When we're feeling anxious or or disconnected we can use the breath to take us back into our body, feel connected again with ourselves. We can use the breath to make our movements more meaningful and powerful in our yoga practice. We can use the breath the bathe the organs and cells with oxygen. Often pain and discomfort in the body is from lack of oxygen to certain areas. Which is why in Yoga we are always emphasizing to breath all the way down into the belly and not just in our chests. To breath into the rib cage and open up the spaces of the ribs. Breath into the back body when we fold forward and breath into the spine to lengthen it and feel space. Feel the victory in your breath as you ride it up into a standing pose or when it helps you to lift your legs in an arm balance. Our breath is strong, our breath is victorious.

Sometimes its the little things that make things different. Breath a little deeper today and notice how things can be a little clearer, little sharper. A little different.

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