Friday, July 19, 2013


We talk about ahimsa a lot in Yoga -non-violence. I find its the go to way for some yogi's to talk about being a vegetarian. I respect that whole non-harming to animals. I love animals! But I also eat meat. My point is, to each is own. I do however, dislike when people try to preach their beliefs into my Yoga. To me ahimsa is about not having violent thoughts, emotions or actions, towards others and yourself. This means taking child's pose in class when you need it! Not pushing ourselves when our body asks us to take a rest. I have been thinking about this especially during this NYC heat wave! I had to stop 5 times at water fountain yesterday during my run and also really slow down my pace. I kept noticing other runners pass me, and at first I felt upset that I couldn't keep up, but it was so much hotter than other days! Also I noticed all the long distance runners seemed to be doing shorter runs. And all of the older people who take their walks were taking rests and sitting on the benches. So stay hydrated, rest and find some AC refuge!

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