Monday, July 29, 2013


I have been talking about this idea of forgiveness with my friends lately. I think its important to forgive people, no doubt. I think its difficult to talk about forgiveness and compassion when it comes to people who have done things that are universally wrong. I think there are lots of situations that are misunderstandings and disagreements but some are just totally...wrong. I feel like with these situations how does one get past the disgusting things that people do and forgive them...and then also feel compassion for them. Like people who go out of their way to deliberately hurt others? I think its not always achievable to be that "forgiving". Its not realistic and it should not always be expected when it comes to wrongs that are just too huge. I believe there is a back story to the reason why people act the way they do when it comes to these disgusting things but I also think that it goes to far beyond my ability to forgive. And compassion are for people who can benefit from it. That might sound closed minded but I still think there has to be a line that's drawn or we lose site of what's real sometimes.

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